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 Founded in 2001
 2003 was the key technology demonstration bases for food safety
 Zhuhai City in 2005 agricultural enterprises
 2005 Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau to obtain Class A units
 2006 to get Chinese consumers integrity unit
 2006 Guangdong Province Aquatic Products Processing and    Marketing Association unit
 2010 to obtain production licenses aquatic seasoning
 2010 get frozen food production license
 2013 to obtain a certificate of laboratory space comparison
 2013 GB obtain product certification mark
 2013 to obtain BRC A-level certification.
 Obtain BRC A-level certification in 2014 in a row.
 2014 to obtain HACCP verification
 2014 to obtain export food production enterprise record to prove
 2014 "treasure Need" single frozen perch fillets get the 12th China  International Agricultural Products Fair Exhibits Gold

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