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Corporate Culture
Our vision is that North Supreme Seafood shall become a leading global supplier of quality seafood produced in China. We have founded our business on the long-term goal of transforming the seafood industries we are involved in by applying a sustainable business strategy. We do this by following our values:
 •  We believe in long term customer relationships and shareholder value
 •  We believe tradition can be combined with high-technology to give optimal results
 •  We respect the environment
 •  We believe you cannot compromise on quality when producing food
 High and consistent quality
 North Supreme Seafood shall become the leading supplier of tilapia, crayfish, squid and shrimp to global markets, and amongst the leading distributors of seafood in China. Our aim is to deliver long term customer value – and to do this we believe you must build a sustainable business. We think this is only possible when we follow our values rigidly. To deliver high and constant quality in the long term we must respect the environment and carefully manage our resource constraints (such as clean water). To deliver long term customer satisfaction we must deliver high quality products.
 We guarantee it
 Food safety has en extreme priority with North Supreme Seafood. For us, quality overrides any other business concern. Only through the guarantee of safe produce can we live up to our vision and our values. Therefore, we have invested time and capital in stringent quality control systems, and are HACCP, BRC, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 approved.


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